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Balance is KEY

Life is about BALANCE.

Balance motivates you. Balance allows you to feel peaceful, and actually may mean something different to each individual.

You should learn to live 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. You cannot expect results when you live life on a 50/50 scale. But for instance, in my life I find balance in my spiritual life, professional life, and family life. If anything comes before these three balances, you are unbalanced. 

Priorities and balance are linked. Show me your priorities and I can show you if you’re life is balanced. You need to be selfish for yourself. There is a healthy selfishness just being an individual.

Key to a Balanced Life

Balancing your fitness life is vital to your every day living. For instance, there needs to be balance with your workouts. Somedays you may push yourself to the max and other day you need to stretch. And then there are days when you need to take a break, rest, and resist the urge to exert yourself physically.

There’s a balance in your emotional wellbeing. If you rely too heavily on drama, conflict, or entertainment, you need to take a step back and enjoy solitude.

Balance also shows in your dieting and eating. Allow yourself a cheat day. Or perhaps this means for you to enjoy that ice cream, chocolate, or candy. Forcing yourself into a strict regimen on a day to day basis will exhaust you and you will experience a burnout.

Balance also plays a role in your social life. You cannot dance at every party. Sometimes you need take a step back and meditate on the solitude and the quietness. 

Do activities that bring enjoyment to you. Forcing yourself into certain activities will backfire. Because in all honesty, balance pertains to all aspects of your life. 

Find what brings you true happiness. Happiness is not a matter of feeling or being intense. But instead, keeping your harmony and rhythm in order.


It has been said, live, laugh love.

You don’t live if you don’t love.

You don’t love if you don’t laugh.

You don’t laugh if you don’t live.