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Essentials | WHAT Are ESSENTIAL OILS For


ESSENTIALS | What Are Essential Oils For

The Essentials of Life are fresh fruits, vegetables, water, air, love, touch, and the list goes on. So what have Essential Oils to do with that? Have you noticed, where ever you go, you hear and see advertising about Essential Oils? Almost everybody talks and knows something about these oils. Lots of different stores carry them, department stores, health food stores, clothing stores etc. But what is all the fuss about them, why do we need Essential Oils in our lives, or who actually are they for? How to use them, when, why? All these conflicting questions and too many different opinions circling around these little bottles.

Meaning of Essentials

Webster Dictionary terms it like this: “a thing that is absolutely  necessary, the fundamental elements or characteristics of something.” Essential Oils been on our planet for thousands of years, our ancestors used them in many different ways. Healing, aromatherapy, fragrance, embalming, cooking, just to name a few. Essential Oils came from Asia, India and Europe to America and were utilized for centuries in daily lives, in varies cultures, and ages. Mankind has made use of plants, shrubs and tress, to be used in healing tinctures and salves. Before I found my obsession with Essential Oils, I had very little knowledge about their effects on the human body. I knew you could diffuse or use Lavender in the bath tub, Tea Tree Oil for acne, but that was pretty much it. As I studied about quality and distillation Processes, Controls and Therapeutic Grade, Safety, GRASS (General Regarded As Safe) and Purity of Essential Oils, I was astonished that not all Essential Oils are created equal.

How to Best use Essential Oils

They have many uses and benefits. Diffusing is the most well known practice. Just 15 Minutes of cold steam dispersed oil in a room or car, with an Essential Oil Diffuser will benefit the user greatly. Relieve of stress, headaches, sleep, and fogginess, just to name a few. Diffusing is a great way to start getting into Essential Oils, very safe for humans and animals alike. Very diluted since all you need is water and a few drops of your favorite oil or oil blend in the diffuser itself. Topical, directly onto your skin, or diluted with a carrier oil of your choice (almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil). Essential Oils are fat soluble, and when put onto your skin or pulse points the tiny molecules go quickly (3-5 seconds) into your bloodstream, bypass digestion, and leave no residue on your skin either. Young Living Essential oils have a Vitality Line of digestible oils, which you can safely consume in water, capsules or directly under your tongue. Why oils versus supplements? Easy, for people which cannot swallow bigger capsules, or want/need to bypass digestion, this is a perfect way.

Why use Essential Oils?

You will support your wellness, live eventually above the wellness line and improve your immune system. One oil at a time! Remember any clean or toxic products directly put onto your skin will bypass digestion, get into the blood stream very fast and go to work, 100%. Oral supplements have to run through your entire digestive track and will not be 100% absorbed. And yet, you need them. Essential Oils are key in a rounded wellness program. To get their effectiveness through your skin and olfactory system (inhaling through your nose) either by diffusing or inhaling straight from the bottle or cub-bed hands is vital for success. So is taking the oils in a capsule or water. That’s why it is recommended to utilize all 3 methods on a daily base, for best results.

                                Basic must have Essential Oils

Starting your day with Lemon, Lime, Peppermint or Grapefruit in a glass of warm water, will enhance your  digestion, and supports liver function. One of my favorite ways to use Essential Oils is as a fragrance. I love Patchouli, Ylang Ylang with its flowering scent, or Clarity, which does exactly it. Peppermint or Wintergreen before and after a workout to refresh tired muscles. Not to forget Thieves, on toothpaste, as a mouth wash, help relief sores, or immune booster. Rub on neck or bottom of feet . Make a spray with 10 drops of Thieves, add clean water and you can sanitize almost everything! Stress Away works to calm nerves, or anxiety when needed. For relaxation Lavender in a bath, or under your feet. My face loves the essentials of Frankincense, Cedar wood, Geranium and Lavender to soothe and refresh tired skin, minimize wrinkles and pores. Those are just a few I have been using very often. I rotate my oils and try new once all the time.

Essential Oils are for Everyone

Literally there is an oil for everything and everyone. Oils don’t discriminate. It is up to you, the user to find your favorite oil(s) and what works for one person, might doesn’t work for another. What energizes some people, will calm others and vice versa. That’s the fascination about the world of oils. Just have fun and try them out, share them with your friends, families and loved ones. It is not a fashion trend or fad, it is an obsession which will enhance your lives and here to stay. Therefore they are essentials. I can only speak of Young Living Essential Oils and their products. Their Standards and Quality speak loudly for the past 23 plus years. For ordering, please use this link:

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