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New Vitality with Yoga – 15 Ways

 New Vitality with Yoga – 15 Ways 

Most reasoned Researchers found that YOGA outshines and increases any aerobic exercise, better balance, more flexibility,  greater strength and vitality, diminish menopausal symptoms,  increase energy levels,  minimize PMS and gain a better mental focus among other health benefits. Yoga has more perks than just to calm you down or make you bendable. When I ventured out into yoga more than 10 years ago I had no idea how this would impact my life and health. From never even considering the subject of yoga, to  helping out a friend to practice her skills, (on me), to starting a 9 month part time YTP (yoga teacher program at the junior college in Chicago) merely less than 3 month had passed by.

                                       Daily Yoga Practice

Holding my newly 200 hours certification in my hand, wasn’t really the biggest change, but what followed after, impacted my life and vitality for ever. I immersed myself in a daily practice of Yoga postures and opened up my basement (renovated) for friends to come and join me. Out of 2 people, the word spread and stressed, tired teachers and middle age women joined us in a short period of time. Not did I only made new friends, and spread my newfound passion for yoga, I noticed changes in my own body and mind, as well as in others who showed up regularly on the mat. Postures became better, enhanced sleep, mental focus and clarity improved and overall well being was notable in many of us. I heard similar testimonies from others who have been practicing yoga for awhile, regardless the age, gender or abilities. I’m not talking about super fit yogis who can perform the most advanced poses of all yoga. No, ordinary men and women like me, who just give it their best and enjoy a regularly yoga routine, at a beginner level.

Fast forward

now more than a decade later, I still have the same drive and passion to teach yoga in various settings, from younger to mature people to see lives changed and enriched.
Some of the changes might surprise you, as they are not all the popular changes you might have heard of. Yet I feel these benefits are remarkable, and worth sharing and educating about.

15 Ways to Increase your Vitality with YOGA

Remarkable, right?! Yoga is amazing and you will feel it soon. Start with 1-3 times per week, 20-60 Minutes, whatever your time allows. Keep showing up on your mat and it will enhance your life. I promise.
  1. find more self respect for your body and appreciating your flaws
  2. you gain confidence, as you advance into different poses and abilities
  3. learn to quiet a busy mind and focus more, mental clarity
  4.  be more in tune/sync with your body
  5. better way of breathing in yoga (creates balance, detoxes the blood, gives more vitality and calms the nerves
  6. stand taller, since your posture improves
  7. cleaner food choices, ditch the junk and eat more whole foods, fresh fruits and veggies)
  8. looking for yoga on vacation spots
  9. choose to meditate to hear from God
  10. implement more healthy habits into your daily beauty routine, (like essential oils, chemical free hair dyes, toxic free laundry and dish soaps
  11. enjoy being outside, bare foot, gardening and feeling the sunshine
  12.  a happier self image, better mood and more understanding others around you
  13.  appreciating life and your surroundings more
  14. make time for yourself and loved ones
meeting like minded people and building lasting friendships on and off the mat   Feel free to add some of your own changes in the comments below. Check out this link:

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